Export Controls

Export controls apply to physical shipments and release of technical information outside of the U.S. as well as release of technical information inside the U.S. to a foreign person.   All employees of the university are responsible for complying with Emory’s Export Control Policy and understanding the export control guidance and procedures outlined in the policy.  

Export controls may impact international collaborations, conferences/seminars, shipments, travel, and visitors.  Whenever you are engaged in an international activity be sure to review the appropriate guidance documents or contact RCRA Office of Export Controls or Research Security.


International activities, of any type, with an embargoed or sanctioned country (e.g. Cuba, Iran, Russia, North Korea, portions of Ukraine), or a country or entity of particular concern, require a U.S. government authorization or a documented review.  These lists change frequently, so it is import to check with RCRA when considering an international collaboration.

Restricted Party Screening

The U.S. government maintains lists of entities and persons who are restricted and/or denied certain transactions.  All foreign persons and entities should be screened for inclusion on any of these lists prior to engaging in activities. Contact RCRA Office of Export Controls with questions.