International Collaborators

International research is foundational to Emory’s profile as a leading research university. The Office of the SVPR seeks to foster safe international collaborations. By partnering with administrative and academic units from across the university, the Office of the SVPR leads the development and coordination of our university-wide research security program.

Research Security and International Collaborations Committee

The Research Security and International Collaborations Committee includes faculty and administrators from throughout the university. Their charge is to inform the development and implementation of a university-wide security program to mitigate risks to our research security while ensuring Emory continues to pursue research in partnership with other institutions domestically and abroad.

'Know Your Collaborators' Campaign'

The Office of the SVPR has launched the Know Your Collaborator campaign to share practical tips and increase awareness of issues that can arise when collaborating internationally.

What You Should Know

The Office of the SVPR is committed to fostering safe, international collaborations. Here are a few key points to consider as you engage internationally.

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